Community Energy

In year 2008 Medea Development and Community Investment Holding (CIH) established a Joint Venture named Community Energy in order to develop the business opportunities in South Africa in the energy sector and more specifically in:

  • oil and gas exploration, import, transport, storage, distribution and trade;
  • power generation plants development, revamping and maintenance/services of existing power plants in SADEC;
  • hydrocarbons import, storage, transport and trade;
  • renewable energies production and trade;
  • coal, uranium and basic metals mining.


  • Assessment and Development of Oil and Gas Reserves (including CBM)
  • Feasibility and Engineering of Oil & Gas facilities
  • Operation of Oil & Gas fields/facilities
  • NG/LNG supply contracts
  • Feasibility and Engineering of new Power Plants
  • Feasibility and Engineering of Oil and gas pipelines, Storages/Depot and LNG Regasification Terminals
  • Feasibility, Engineering and development of underground gas Storages
  • Feasibility and Engineering of gas Distribution Companies


  • Exploration and prospection activities in uranium and coal;
  • Geological and geophysical assessment of coal, metals and uranium deposits;
  • Feasibility and Engineering of new mining project.