Oil & Gas

  • Upstream and supply development

    • Oil/Gas fields evaluation and development plan;
    • Identification of available sources and assessment;
    • Off-shore/On-shore gathering and treatment system;
    • Maritime transport assessment and optimization.
    • International Pricing and Benchmarking;
    • Basic Agreement;
    • PSC (Production Sharing Contract);
    • GSA (Gas Supply Agreement);
    • SHA (Shareholders Agreement);
    • PDA (Project Development Agreement);
    • SPA (Supply Purchasing Agreement);
    • TA (Transport Agreement).
    • Business Plan;
    • Financial assessment;
    • Negotiations Support.
  • Underground Storage and Marginal Fields Development

    • Geological analysis: evaluation of petrophysical, sedymentology and structural characteristics;
    • Analysis of the dynamic behavior;
    • Evaluation of the OGIP and analysis of the past operation history;
    • Wells productivity analysis;
    • Project investments estimate with relevant operational expenses for each segment of the project (wells, surface facilities like gas treatment and compression, etc.).
    • Drafting of the complete Business Plan;
    • Determination of the resulting Tariffs for the storage service.
  • Gas Distribution Companies acquisition/participation

    • Feasibility studies of gas distribution network in new areas;
    • Technical Due Diligence of distribution network.
    • Assessment (technical and economic/financial) of network assets;
    • Business Plan and Company evaluation;
    • Merging and Acquisition (approx. 2.0 Million customers).
      Other tasks
    • Management and organization;
    • Institutional support and advice.
  • Marketing analysis & commercialization

    • Identification of the potential market;
    • Benchmarking and pricing analysis;
    • Market segmentation and Business Plans;
    • Set-up and managing of Databases and software models;
    • Commercial Plans;
    • Drafting of offers/proposals;
    • Negotiations with customers and contracts finalization;
    • Customer Care services.
      Other tasks
    • Gas trading;
    • Gas sales;
    • Managing NG/LNG logistics;
    • Authorizations procedure.
      Commodity Trading
    • LNG Spot Cargoes on International Market;
    • Natural gas purchase contracts on Italian and international Gas Hub;
    • Liquid hydrocarbons (gasoil-fuels-LPG etc.);
    • Trading of natural gas by-products.
      Regulatory and market analysis
    • Set-up and evaluation of:
      • tariffs for gas services (transport-regasification- storage-distribution-sale etc.);
      • network code (High pressure transport);
      • distribution code (Low pressure distribution);
      • regasification Code;
    • Competitive analysis and benchmarking.