Established in 2005, INTERGAS is the affiliate company of Medea Development operating in France as consulting Company with the main experience in the deregulated gas sector.

The Company provides to the main European Utilities advisory services on the gas marketing and sale activity, and assistance into the relationship with the main TPA Operators and Institutional Bodies (GRT, GDF, GRD, Storage, Ministry of Industry, CRE,……).

The Company is incorporated under the law of France and based in Paris in 34, Rue Godot de Mauroy.

Directors of MEDEA and a former director of Gaz de France are directly engaged in the management of Intergas, having already assisted Gas Natural (Spanish company) to build-up the own customer portfolio in France in years 2005-07 and presently supporting VNG (German company) to establish a long lasting positioning on the French gas market.