Company Profile Medea Group

Founded in 1992, Medea Development provide consulting, engineering and project management services and invest and operate directly in development of projects with a proven track-record in the energy, mineral resources, particularly in the hydrocarbons (oil and gas) sector.


Medea, incorporated under the law of Luxembourg, can rely on over 40 professionals with offices in Luxembourg, Lugano (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Pretoria (South Africa), Kinshasa (DRC) and Accra (Ghana).

Medea provides to International Groups, Energy Utilities and Public Administrations advisory services, engineering solutions and projects development in the oil, natural gas, power generation and mining industries.
Senior Managers of Medea have been directly engaged over the last 30 years in well-known international energy Companies, covering top positions both in the technical as well as commercial and financial areas.

In said capacities great experience has been gained in the assessment and development of integrated Projects, most of world scale, in the entire value chain of the energy industry: upstream, middle stream and downstream.

The Company is also directly involved in investments and operations both in the upstream (ECTP Block in Ghana) and the downstream oil sector (FTL – DRC) and infrastructure development on large-scale level (South Africa – Tamasa LNG).